AGLI Team/Staff

AGLI Coordinator – David Bucura


David Bucura, AGLI Coordinator, is a longtime pastor and peace worker. He has served in numerous Quaker leadership roles (Clerk of FWCC-AFRICA Section) he served as Treasurer of Protestant Council of Rwanda, Headmaster of  George Fox Secondary in Rwanda, and is active in the Alternatives to Violence Project, Transformative Mediation and Healing and rebuilding our Communities. David served as AGLI Central Africa Coordinator for six years and has worked with AGLI since its inception in 1999. He has long experience as a pastor and educator, with degrees in education, theology and leadership. He is currently completing a term as Legal Representative (General Secretary) of Rwanda Yearly Meeting. He and his wife live in Kigali. They have three children, two of whom are pursuing graduate education in the United States.

AGLI Publicist – Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson portrait 2017Anne is a longtime peace educator and advocate with extensive experience in teaching and in social services work. Among the areas in which she has worked are homelessness prevention, literacy education, and substance abuse and mental illness treatment. Anne is active in several Friends organizations, including the Friends World Committee for Consultation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Near East Studies and a Master’s degree in Human Services, and she is currently pursuing theological studies. She has broad knowledge of intercultural communication and interfaith dialogue. Anne is excited to be part of Friends Peace Teams—AGLI.

AGLI Working Group Members

Laurie Bizimana (Recording Clerk)
David Bucura (AGLI Coordinator)
Rosalie Dance
Anne Hutchinson (AGLI Publicist)
Rachel Madenyika
Sue Nowelsky (Clerk)
Parfaite Ntahuba
Andrew Peterson
Peter Serete
Jonathan Vogel-Borne (Treasurer)
David Zarembka