Urgent appeal by Friends in Rwanda

Friends in Rwanda have an urgent need to raise funds following a decree by the government that they must install lightning rods on all their buildings before the end of March. This comes after several fatal lightning strikes affecting churches, schools and other buildings. Lightning storms are very common in Rwanda.

To meet the requirements, Rwanda Yearly Meeting needs to buy and install 35 lightning rods at a cost of around £400 each. Without financial support from Friends in other countries, they will be unable to do this, and they will be forced to close their churches, schools and other buildings, including the Friends Peace House in Kigali.

The Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) is supporting an appeal for funds by Rwandan Friends to help them raise the necessary money to ensure that the buildings they own are safe, and the requirements of the government’s edict are met.

Cecile Nyiramana, clerk of Rwanda Yearly Meeting and a former Swarthmore Lecturer, writes:

“Rwanda Yearly Meeting is being urged to purchase 35 lightning rods to protect its schools, churches and the surrounding community. This is very urgent and we have been given a tight deadline to meet the requirements, otherwise the churches will be closed. It is very expensive and we are facing a huge challenge, and we would like to ask for your prayers and support where it is possible.”

Please send cheques or CAF vouchers, made out to FWCC, to: “Rwanda Appeal”, FWCC, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2AX. You can also donate by Paypal. Friends in the US may also donate via the Section of the Americas website in order to take advantage of tax deductions. Please mark your donations for Rwanda.

Your donations will be passed on to Rwanda Yearly Meeting less a 5% deduction to cover the costs of collecting and transferring the funds.

Source: http://fwcc.world/fwcc-news/rwanda2018